Signs CD
Signs of Change is at this moment in the hands of ICC for duplication. The album was mastered from vinyl, as the masters no longer exist, in Canada and the bonus tracks added and mastered on 1st & 2nd Dec 2004.

The release date is currently set for 17th Dec. Watch for further news and complete Article on the transfer & mastering that have created the CD.

Pre-orders can be made at the ATF webshop.

At last are delighted to announce that a double CD with all the original tracks from the albums Laser Love, 80-f and Batteries Not Included are to be released on the Edsel label roundabout February 2005. In addition to the album tracks certain B sides and other material will be included making this a truly special collection.

Provisional Track Listing

LASER LOVE: Laser Love / Joy / Take Me Higher / Life In The City / Suspended Animation / Like The Power Of A Jet / One Rule For You / Time To Think / Timestar / Check It Out
Bonus tracks: Your Love Is Alive / Listen To Me

“80f”: 1980-F / Love Will Always Make You Cry / Can You Face It? / Who’s Gonna Love You (When You’re Old And Fat And Ugly) / Starflight / Wild West Show / Billy, Billy / It’s High Fashion / Why Can’t We Be Friends? / Joanne
Bonus track: Every Mother’s Son

BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED: Short Change / Frozen Rivers / Sometimes /Sailing Ship / I Don’t Understand Your Love / The Stranger / Rich Boys / Carry Me Home / Dancing In The Shadows / Space Walking / Gina / Stuck In Paris (Nowhere To Go) / Bright Lights
Bonus tracks: Nobody Else But You / Starflight [live] / Take Me Higher [live] / One Rule For You [live] / Billy, Billy [live] / Der Kommissar / Starflight [re-worked]

The CDs will be available through the ATF webshop.

ATF2 play to full house
After an outstanding welcome back to Greenbelt ATF2 played to a full house at Cranleigh Village Hall, Nr Guilford in aid of Soapbox Trust charity.

Photos can be seen here.

Rob Russell's reformed band Bang! Bang!

More information and pictures visit the batcave.

Ready Salted (Compact Disc)
The first Ishmael album recorded with his best mate and travelling partner of the time Andy Piercy. Ready Salted is a tribute album of the Ishmael and Andy ministry and includes some of the favourite folk / rock songs that made this duo so popular in the early 70s. ( Andy is now employed as the Praise leader at Holy Trinity, Brompton, and Ishmael and Andy are still best buddies 30 years on).

Track Listing
1) Salt And Light Company
2) Psalm 139
3) Paddy
4) Son Of God
5) Who Is He In Yonder Stall
6) Hallelujah Chorus
7) We Got Jesus, We Got Joy
8) Schitzo
9) Charisma
10) All Gods Children
11) I'm So Happy
12) The Lord's Army

Price: £12.99 from Ishmael's site

Andy Piercy and Dave Clifton

Praise God is a unique blend of worship music and contemporary pop rock from British worship leaders Andy Piercy and Dave Clifton. Recorded in England, it's UK worship its best featuring 12 original songs like "Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow," My Beloved One," "Precious In Your Eyes," and "We Worship And Adore Thee."

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow
My Beloved One
Every Valley
The Lord Has Done Great Things For Us
You Have Searched Me
Precious In Your Eyes
We Worship And Adore Thee
God Is Our Refuge And Our Strength
We Want To Remain In Your Love
We Do Not Presume
Hold To Every Promise
We Have A Great Priest

Integrity Music

Label: Collectables® Records
Item Number: COL6683
Item UPC: 090431668320

Available from the ATF web shop


Collectables Records have released the American tape version of Der Kommissar on CD.

Laser Love
One Rule For You *
Dancing In The Shadows *
Sailing Ship
Carry Me Home
Frozen Rivers
Love Will Make You Cry
Der Kommissar
Der Kommissar (Dub)

* Remix by John Eden