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Free Heat Sessions

After the ATF split, Andy continued writing material, sending it to Mal Pope in Wales. Mal worked for AMP (ATF's management) and the two had known each other for a some time. The writing paternership worked well.

Then Der Kommissar broke into the American charts and a follow up was required. CBS tried to get the band back together without success. At this stage the reworked One Rule For You and Dancing In The Shadows were recorded in LA under the eye of John Eden. Dancing in the Shadows was released but made no impact in the Brithish charts but again made some success in the US charts. The b-side contained a reworking of Starflight (this was produced before the split by John Eden and ATF).

Work started on a new album Free Heat, (an anagram of After The Fire, the other letters create the word "rift"!). The album was recoreded across the UK in various studios including The Manor and The Town House.

The next Single to be released was 8 Ball in the Top Pocket/Deep Waters Still Run. Again this disapperaed without impact. The 12" version, which also contained One Down foe the Highway, was deleted before release.

Musicians who worked on the album with Andy and Mal included Roger Taylor (Queen), Heny Spinetti & Bob Jenkins - drums, John Giblin & Andy - bass, Alan Murphy & John Russell - guitar, Adrian Lee - keys. Mal and John Russell both did some backing vocals. (There is a little debate between Andy & Mal to the final line up)

The album consisted of the following:

8 ball in the Top Pocket
Young Love
Stop Go
4th Street, room 101
Jewel in the Night
We gotta get out of this place
Young and Wild
One down for the Highway
Deep Waters Still Run

At this point a large US tour was being planned, Mal recalls telling his wife that he would be away for some time.

We're Looking for Love was demo'd for a Eurovision entry and recorded at Scarf Studios with Reg Webb and John Russell. Andy had produced demos for the Outfield (then the Baseball Boys) which helped them get a deal and in return the band backed Andy when needed. "That is why they did the Greenbelt gig - their first taste of a big crowd, which went on to become common place for them in the US where they did 2 million + albums".

CBS were excited about the album and plans were made to make it the companys first release on CD!

Work on the album had begun to get hard, the demos were not turning into the tracks Andy wished for. Then towards the end of recording the producer, John Eden, told Andy that he "did'nt like" any of the styles, bands or writers he was aspiring to. The whole project was dropped by CBS.

Andy recalls "I think they could have been good but I now realise I didn't get the production help and direction I needed at the time"

Andy went on to do demos for EMI in the studio in the basement of EMI Manchester Square after CBS released him from the deal. Three tracks were recorded "Somewhere in the World", "Live and Learn" and another.

Quite a few demos were also created for MCA Publishers in their studio at Hyde Park Corner on Piccadily. That was where he also produced demos for T'Pau and the original demo of "Heart and Soul" which went on to be a big smash in the US, (but with somebody else using his ideas!).

Other demos were made at Scarf Studios on the East End, probably paid for by Andy or his manager and yet others done on his 4-track cassette player!

"Oh yes, some others at Videosonics with Denis Weinreck. I really liked those ones best I think. I think I gave all the cassettes away of the demo tapes. Seems a shame now."

Andy's Homepage